Statement on Racial and Social Injustice

The Nord Center takes its mission to the community seriously. Our Mission calls us to be “Engaging people in our community to achieve mental and emotional health through prevention, treatment, and advocacy.” Treatment is something we do every day and is probably what you know us best for. We know that providing treatment and advocacy in an environment that supports racial and social equity is also key to your success.

We recognize the existence of racial and social injustice in our community.  It has been allowed to exist for too long.  We must act, both as individuals and as an institution.  We must, every day, stand up for what is right, do what is right and help right our community and country.  That is why The Nord Center stands with others in our community against racial and social injustice. The Nord Center will always advocate for our clients, their families and members of our community and nation, who suffer the emotional turmoil and distress as a result.  We will continue to enhance our commitment to racial and social equity and weave it into the very fabric of the care and services we provide now and in the future